Only you (Kr)


” I met you again like a miracle . Me … Can you wait ?”

He who lived without hope in a dark life , Hyun-oh .

It wasn’t until I met her that I saw the world shining in sunlight .

” I do not want . I won’t wait . I will always be by my side from now on .”

Eunje , the woman who overcame the time of distant pain .

I want to hug him who couldn’t escape from pain .

Two people who went through the same ordeal but walked a completely different path .

Misunderstanding and waiting have taken them one step further ,

It was the salvation of each other beyond the difficult times .

” Fool , why are you looking for a place to go back ? Don’t go anywhere .”

“The only thing in my life , only you are greedy .”

A touch of comfort that heals a stuffed wound .

The curse that entangled his life is lifted and he is free .

As an oath of true and eternal love .

“ Now I am always by my side .”

Only you
Associated Names: 오직 너만이
Fall in love
Genres: romance
Year: February 18, 19
Status: N/A

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