It’s my first love


Eunjae Jung, the youngest of the 2nd year of Shinwoo Food’s Quality Management Team.
She felt anxious throughout the night due to last night’s nightmare, and freezes at her first meeting with the newly appointed team leader Lee Moon-young. He was the cause of the nightmare that bothered him!

By the way… … Did he recognize himself?

‘No, it won’t. Don’t panic. Let’s pretend you don’t know. What will happen to Ji if I take it all the way. However, the appearance of Eunjae, who looks like someone’s face and strangely noticed, raises Moonyoung’s suspicion.

“Your name is not Yoon Da-eun, but Jung Eun-jae?”
“… … Why do you do that? Is there any problem?”
“no. I think I look a lot like someone I know.”

I’m facing it as a boss vs. a subordinate right now, but in fact, I didn’t want to meet again.
Eunjae, or Daeun 10 years ago, Moonyoung is just the one who ruined his first love. From the moment the letter of shy confession entered his hand.

It’s my first love
Associated Names: 첫사랑입니다만
Genres: romance
Year: 2019
Status: 66

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