Terry laughs


Back then , only basketball was everything to Park Han , the mad dog .

Until Han Tae-ri, a freshman full of energy, appeared .

“ Senior , I will take responsibility .”

Since then it appeared dajjagojja confession , deprived of even the first kiss .

Looking at Tae-ri smiling brightly, Han wanted to run away .

” Okay , sagwija . Everything .”

At first it was just a trivial bet accompanied by the coming .

When a hot senior looked cute ,

I made up my mind to remodel this young man .

Seven years later , the two people met again in front of the merry-round .

“ I’m trembling crazy now , how about you ?”

“It’s okay .”

The sincerity poured out without getting tired . Another lie .

” Just do what you hate . Why do you keep trying to do something else .”

As I watch, my heart keeps shaking .

Mistake again would not be love , look, I did .

” I want to know . Your lips , your body temperature , all the same .”

Even for a moment, it must be you .

This selfish me , I wish I want you to know .

Terry laughs
Associated Names: 태리가 웃는다
Ji Ji Young
Genres: romance
Year: Oct, 2019
Status: 79

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