Summer Carol


After failing in work and love, Dokyung returns to
her hometown, Mooyoung, and meets a handsome man at the Mooyoung Supermarket, her mother’s home.

“Can you sign?”

Long, dark eyes. Clear, pitch-black eyes in it.
It was an actor, Do-jun.

“Sleep with me.”
“What did I do so wrong to you?”
“Let’s make some erotic and special memories before we get bigger.”
“You’re just going to use me for your loneliness and fantasy?”

Do-kyung, who has not escaped from the exhausted and lonely relationship of ten years,
cannot believe the time that the ending is set like a midsummer night’s dream.

“I’m pouring all my summer on you. Now summer, I will think of you.”
“… What will happen? It won’t be long.” The story

of a woman who is Han-cheol and wants to leave this season as a memory for an instant
and a man who wants to lead it to eternity.

“Which summer day do you like the most?”
“When the carol comes out.”

Summer Carol
Associated Names: 여름의 캐럴
Park Young
Genres: romance
Year: ​2019.09.06
Status: Complete

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