The night passes


Ahn Eun-chae, the woman who was struggling with guilt after losing her husband in an accident.
In the emergency room of a new hospital, I meet Jun-sung Sun at the operating table for the first time.
Yun Jun-sung reunited with Eun-chae, who had spent five years in work.
Her gaze keeps coming to her with similar wounds to me.

“Tell me just one number.”
“… 21.”
“good. If that number comes up, I win.”

Two people who were trapped in a typhoon on a business trip to Hawaii and unable to come or go.
Choice determines fate, and gambling becomes reality.
The walls of Eunchae, which had been hard due to the dense gaze, gradually collapsed.

“What are the conditions when the director wins?”
“Please kiss me.” The number chosen by the white ball that stopped moving only

in a roulette game where the outcome is unpredictable
Intense sparks burning inside each other’s most intimate
breaks white on that fateful night.

The night passes
Associated Names: 그 밤이 흐른다
Winnie County
Genres: romance
Year: 2019
Status: N/A

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