Bad pure


‘Cera Hotel 2401. Come by 7 o’clock today.’

Ra Yoon-jun, the man who loved Jung Yi-yoon with all her heart. A terrible coincidence brought him back to profit. All that remains after the wound is burning thirst and crazy love-hate.

“If I spread my legs apart for two months, I would open them.”

“You crazy, are you sane?”

“I wasn’t a good guy anyway. Have you already forgotten?”

A man with a face different from what he remembers.

Nevertheless, her heart shakes wildly.

“Never want anything other than my body. I just need to covet my body.”

“Do you still look like the one who stood up to Jeong Yiyoon?”

​Once a twisted heart extends out of control, Only hot play dominates them in a mixed relationship.

“Don’t meet other chicks while you’re with me. I hate using it.”

Is this damn coincidence a gods joke or a gods gift?

Bad pure
Associated Names: 못된 순정
Shin Noyoon
Genres: romance
Year: 2019
Status: N/A

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