Suddenly, you


Wild kisses, rough movements.
What Choi Soo-ho wanted was not Seo Yi-sun’s heart.
It was revenge.

“Now what do I do, I am.”
“Take it off. That’s what you will do from now on.”

The choice was not up to her, but she
tried to endure like a fool.
Waiting for the day when the warmth of the cold gaze is young… … .

“Today is… Can’t you be with me?”
“Don’t be mistaken. This is not a love affair.”

The one who hurts, the one who resists screaming.
Anyway, every relationship is just a deal, you get money for giving your body.
When I realized that, too much of my heart was worn out.

“I hate it any more. I will disappear, forever in your life.”

Stop before the meaningless paint turns black.
Because it is no longer love to endure the other person.

Suddenly, you
Associated Names: 갑작스럽게, 너
Genres: romance
Year: 2019
Status: N/A

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