The Antagonist’s Pet


Blessed with the face of an angel, young Sasha Tartt knows a life-altering secret: in this romance novel where she’s just a side character, she’s the only one who knows the true ending! When the antagonist of the story takes a particular liking to her, she must make a decision: help the clever and beautiful Rebecca find a happy ending, or side with the sweet-natured protagonist to ensure her own survival? On top of that, Sasha has to juggle the affections of her bespectacled love interest and tame a dragon boy! Can Sasha learn new tricks to win the hearts of these main characters? Based on the hit novel.

The Antagonist’s Pet
Associated Names: La Favorite de l’Héritière , 악녀의 애완동물 , The Pet of the Villainess , 悪女のペット , 毒皇妃也有可爱闺蜜?
Harnenn , Seobo
Genres: Korean , Manhwa , Webtoon , Shoujo , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Isekai , Romance , Slice of Life
Year: 2019
Status: ongoing

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