Trapped Fish Chapter 12

“Thank,” she said, “Dt.”

Just now, the two Americans in our team didn’t know that there was one more person who was responsible for translation. After all, Chinese is a heavenly book for them, and it is naturally difficult to tell how many Chinese men are on the voice channel.

When Ai Qing said his name, the two Americans were surprised.

They greeted Dt quickly in English. Ai Qing is the only person who is proficient in Chinese and English. From the earphones, they know Dt. It sounds like they should have met at this year’s IEM9 competition.

She has many questions, it is not convenient to ask now.

Only a few people can be reminded, and the game has begun.

“It’s a good opportunity to partner with Europeans and Americans. They are a powerful country in gunfighting games,” she said.

“How did they come from?”

“Lavvy, the No. 1 mid laner in Europe before DotA,” Ai Qing controlled the person, jumping into the swamp to find shelter. This map is very abnormal, it is a local virgin forest, “I don’t know the other one.”

“Another LOOP, previously focused on StarCraft 2.”

Dt’s voice added in due course.

Very concise.

Following was surprised, raised his head, and lip-synched to Ai: Very helpful, this one.

Ai Qing Yuguang glanced and smiled: He is from K&K.

It is equivalent to-P’s biggest competitor in China.

Following convergence smiley.

The new game mode, no fixed tactics, no classic games, the leaderboard is just internal test data, there is no so-called top master. Everything is unknown, everything is a challenge.

This is a game from scratch.

——This alone is enough to make people excited.

When Ai Qing used a short knife to kill the last opponent in the game…

The entire game screen freezes instantly.

The storm struck, the mountains collapsed, and the world began to freeze.

All battles are over.


The captain of the opposing team, an id from South Korea, typed these four letters in the message area.

IMBA, imbalance, spoken by some professional players, meaning “abnormal”.

Obviously, this is compliment.

Everyone started to leave the game one by one. Although ten people and five lose and five win, this does not prevent everyone from being in a good mood for an entire hour. They bid farewell to the two European and American servers that Dt knew. Sentence, we must have a good chat with Dt at the game tomorrow.

In the farewell sound, following played for an hour, pushed the keyboard, and said I went out to smoke first, and then ran downstairs.

As a result, she was left alone on the entire second floor, wearing headphones, holding her chin, and finishing the live broadcast: “…Thank you for not giving up tonight. Next week, the live broadcast will be a member of our P-LOL team… “

After one minute, close the chat channel.

She found out that her account hadn’t even quit the game, and not only she, the 97 id was still there.

She opened the call channel: “97? Are you still there?”

“He’s out.” Dt’s voice was in the headset.

“Ah…” Ai Qing thought of his free contribution of time and energy tonight, purely doing a translation for herself, and felt that she still had to talk a few words to show her gratitude, “Why didn’t you log in to your id?”

This is also her doubt all night.

In the system lottery, she scanned all the red and gold names, and there was no Dt.

“I’m here, it’s a normal id,” Dt replied, “I haven’t tested it in a secret room, so I don’t have any points.”

Ai Qing was a little thirsty. She walked to the bar two steps away, looking for a drink she could drink: “Thank you in the afternoon. Without your early assistance, I would not have won inin.” She wears an infinite headset. So it does not affect the small talk between the two.

“It’s nothing.”


The King of Cold Field really didn’t speak anymore.

She got used to it anyway.

Ai Qing bowed her head and finally took out a bottle of orange juice, mango juice, grapefruit juice and apple juice from the small freezer, and found some ice cubes from Po Najong from the bottom of the freezer, as well as the Boston he brought to Korea. Shaker and blender.

She is best at non-alcoholic cocktails.

In the sound of pouring drinks, he finally found a new topic: “Drinking water?”

“Well, I want to make a simple cocktail.”


“No, it’s made with drinks, no alcohol.”



She searched for a few champagne glasses, continued to work hard, poured four kinds of juice into the Boston shaker, poured ice cubes into the blender, and pressed the switch.

The sound of crushing ice cubes filled the room.

“What’s the tuning?” He asked, listening to the sound of the mixer.

“Punch,” she said jokingly after turning off the mixer, “Actually, I should give you a glass. Thank you for your help tonight. It is a waste to let a professional high play and only do translations in a game. Unfortunately, I don’t know. Where do you live.” Although it is the same resort, she really hasn’t noticed the living area of the K&K club.

After a short silence, he replied: “I’m coming to you, ten minutes.”

Therefore, when Po Na was holding a remote control on the first floor and flipping through a Korean entertainment program, he saw a bizarre scene in his house.

Ai Qing hung a wireless earphone around her neck, and ran downstairs with a cup of Punch, and put it in front of him: “Boss, please drink.” Then the doorbell rang. She immediately turned a corner, ran to the gate, and met someone in.

Bring the 22-year-old boy to the training room on the second floor…

On the eve of the competition, K&K’s mysterious player Dt appeared in the P training room?

Bona picked up the glass and sipped his cocktail.

Is this considered…very heavy gossip?

Bao Na sat downstairs alone for ten minutes, really curious about what the two of them were doing, so he took an empty cup and walked upstairs. The two really didn’t do anything. They were on both sides of the bar, facing a computer, watching the game video of “Storm in the Chamber”.

Bao Na pretended to put the wine glass on the bar. Ai Qing took the shaker and filled his glass again: “How does it taste today?” “Very good, very good, very good.” Bao Na casually handled it. , I scanned the appledog character and the name of the following, and speculated that this is the live game just now.

So dedicated?

But what’s the matter with the people of K&K?

Bao Na was holding the cup, some not in the state, and after standing for a while, he continued downstairs to watch the entertainment show.

Ai Qingchang exhaled and turned off the game video: “What do you think of Gun? Is it your new boss?”

“Yes.” Dt’s answer is always concise and clear.


She was wondering how to tell the past that has been buried in the dust of time.

Or, stop here and stop talking.

Dt didn’t mean to urge her. He didn’t seem to be too interested in the past gossip of his club boss, but he seemed to be waiting to listen. After all, those gun past in Ai Qing’s memory are also her past.

Those he didn’t know, details.

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