Trapped Fish Chapter 14

He paused, but did not stop.

“I heard a little gossip yesterday, would you like to hear it?” Bao Na said softly.

“What?” Ai Qing found that Bao Na was completely different from the first time she met him. At that time, he was really calm and generous, but now, all kinds of gossip are not separated.

“Dt is Gun’s cousin.”

“…” Ai Qing glanced at him and confirmed that he was not joking.

“So I was relieved suddenly, no wonder I couldn’t dig him.”


Ai Qing turned to look inside the venue, and the phone suddenly vibrated. She looked down and turned out to be… a text message from Dt: Thank you.

Really… I also sent a text message to say thank you.

Ai Qing smiled, went to find his position, and easily saw K&K’s iconic uniform. Five people are wearing red and white club sportswear. Grunt was sitting on the outermost side, slowly wiping his glasses. And Dt, on the innermost side of the five.

That is the position of the captain.

Unlike others, who just put on the team uniform casually, the zipper of his sports coat was pulled up to the top of the collar, and the collar was erected as a result, highlighting his white profile. With such a profiled face, she sniffed out that in the near future, Dt will surely be popular with K&K’s strong attack. He has always had the potential to be a high-quality idol player.

Across two rows of monitors, they are their opponents.

“K&K encountered Koreans in the first group match?”

In this type of team battle competition, South Korea and China have always been rivals, and both have become international practices.

Po Na smiled: “Good luck.”

In this seven-day exhibition game, olo is one of the two referees of the game, and has the privilege of patrolling the audience. During the entire game, he only passed the K&K team’s competition area once, and his footsteps paused slightly between Dt and grunt.

It was too far away, she couldn’t tell who olo was observing.

As a result, there is no doubt that both P and K&K qualified in the group.

The names of all the teams that qualified in the group were displayed one by one on the 10-meter-high big screen. When the audience burst into applause and cheers, Ai Qing received a WeChat message from her sister, which Ai Jing saw on K&K’s official Weibo Photo.

In the whole photo, there are five people from the K&K team, and the figure P can be vaguely seen in the background.

“Oh my God, I saw a lot of acquaintances.” Ai Jing said in the voice.

Amid the noise, Ai Qing turned her back slightly and said, “Congratulations, grunt won the first battle.”

“Is the final in South Korea?” Ai Jing’s voice clearly fluctuated. “Can I rely on you as the team leader to watch the final? I will issue the plane ticket myself!”

“In China, South Korea only finished the quarter-finals,” Ai Qing was surprised. “How do you know that I am the team leader?”

“Of course, while caring about grunt, we will also care about competitor P,” Ai Jing laughed. “Furthermore, there are more than one million fans on olo Weibo. The base number is too large. If you just turn around, you will turn to me. “

At this time, the team leaders of all the teams got up and walked to the side of the podium. A staff member by her side reminded her to go to register for the next eighth finals.

She hurriedly stuffed her mobile phone into her pocket, went to the workbench behind the rostrum, followed the staff’s explanation, filled in a series of information, and left her mobile phone number. After filling in the last number, she found that she was standing behind her gun, still in black, from top to bottom, even the headphones and shoes hanging around her neck, and the mobile phone in her hand.

My habits haven’t changed for so many years.

Gun raised his chin and motioned for the pen in her hand.

Ai Qing was stunned for two seconds, then handed out the pen: “Unexpectedly…you will be the leader yourself.”

“I’m not the team leader. She went to apply for the bonus. I was too idle to help out.” Gun took the pen and filled in the information, with sparse handwriting. He also seemed to be unable to remember the cell phone number of his team leader. He took out his cell phone, looked through the phone book, and glanced at Ai Qing who was still by his side, “What’s more?”

“No.” She shook her head awkwardly.

The employees here are all Koreans. They only speak politely in Chinese, and can’t understand their conversations, but they can feel the aura between the two people are very different. A little embarrassed and friendly, they told her in Chinese: “It’s OK. ,Thank you.”

Just because of the time to register for a while, she missed her sister’s explosive plea on WeChat. When she turned on the phone again, more than forty voices surprised her.

Hearing from the beginning to the end, it seemed like a journey of mind. From entangled whether to buy a ticket, to entangled in what hotel to stay, directly transitioned to the round-trip ticket has been booked, directly let Ai Qing provide her with a place to stay…

When she really heard it, she had been told: on her way to the airport.

In the end, she could only ask for a single room in the evening, because there were “relatives” coming to stay.

At about six o’clock, she and olo confessed a few words and ran out of the resort alone, preparing to call a taxi to pick up Ai Jing at the airport. Unexpectedly, under the night, she saw grunt and Dt also standing outside the gate.

Grunt saw her come out, laughed, and said something to Dt.

She was too far away and couldn’t walk clearly. When she got closer, she asked Dt, “You guys go out too?”

Dt nodded.

“We are waiting for you,” grunt sighed lightly, and finally gave this kid the opportunity to talk to Ai Qing, and he just nodded? “Go and pick up your sister together.”

Ai Qing was in the mist, oh, and got into a taxi with two people.

I thought I was going to be late, but I didn’t expect Ai Jing’s plane to take off. Instead, she arrived a quarter of an hour earlier.

Dt looked around: “Do you want to drink something?”

She looked around and saw Starbucks: “I’m going to buy with you.” She didn’t want to stay with grunt. This kid was already very sharp and mad when he first debuted, and now he is really…this kind of temperament is melted into his bones. Especially, he always had to tease himself and Dt from time to time along the way, which made her extremely embarrassed.

As a result, the two walked into the store just in time for a Korean star to buy coffee with his agent there.

All kinds of excited fans crowded outside the store, waiting to get a look back and a smile. Two people couldn’t walk in, so they could only stand outside the store and wait. She and him were squeezed into the corner by the crowd. In a few moments, she wanted to ask him if he was really Gun’s cousin.

“What do you want to drink.” He said suddenly.

“You go in and buy?” Ai Qing thought for a while, “Soy milk latte.”

“Soy milk latte?” Dt frowned rarely.

“Doesn’t it taste good?” she noticed.

“…Not good.”

“Then try it. I haven’t had it anyway. I heard my sister mention it the other day.”

He hummed: “Okay, then try.”

He squeezed in from the crowded front entrance, bowed his head among the little girls, and kept his arms blocking his body, lest he would be squeezed into his arms… When he stood at the other cash register in front of the counter, he was wearing work clothes. As if she knew him, the girl turned her head back and said something to the boy behind her.

The boy quickly turned around, his face turned a little red when he saw Dt, and he leaned to the cashier to communicate with the cashier girl in Korean, because he was not proficient in Chinese and needed a colleague to help translate. This strange phenomenon also attracted the attention of several fans around him, and the crowd looked at him more.

“It’s probably a fan.”

“Yeah.” Ai Qing saw that Dt was a little uncomfortable, signing the boy’s signature.

“Is it possible for you and olo to reconcile?”

“What?” Ai Qing turned her head, surprised.

He had prettier eyes than a girl, so he squinted slightly behind the lens: “Don’t understand?”

Of course Ai Qing understands it, but she didn’t expect him to ask it so grandiosely. She said that she and grunt are really unfamiliar with this kind of personal question… “I didn’t expect that you still have such gossip.”

“I’m interested in any issues related to olo,” grunt said frankly, “of course it also includes his emotional problems. He is a man of affection, otherwise he won’t be able to escape you.”

This… how did you come to the conclusion?

Ai Qing couldn’t laugh or cry: “You’re not an entertainment reporter when you go around me. However, you care about olo so much. I really didn’t expect that he has retired and cannot be your opponent.”

“I’m the same age as you, you should know?” Grunt didn’t answer, but instead asked a nonsensical question. Then, without waiting for Ai Qing to answer anything, he continued, “When you were fifteen, you got it in Guangzhou. When I was the champion, I didn’t know what e-sports was.”

Ai Qing quickly understood what he was about to say: “Understood, you got into the business because of olo.”

More than grunt, the myth of the olo team ignited the blood of many young people.

In the past ten years, she has heard too many people say to herself and olo how much she likes him and how many videos of him have been downloaded to observe and practice. In the past ten years, the waves have been scouring the sand, so many masters standing on the top have retired one by one, and hundreds of thousands of idols have been drowned in the crowd.

Unlike olo, he seems to be a myth that can’t fall.

He is alone, and has gone farther and more brilliant than the olo team back then.


Ai Jing’s plane landed very quickly.

After receiving her, Grunt took Ai Jing and walked far ahead, Ai Qing and Dt walked behind.

It’s really…

Ai Qing raised the coffee cup in her hand, and then she had a chance to take her first sip.


Her expression suddenly became a little rich.


“Special.” She looked at the cup annoyed, not knowing how to finish it.

The two looked at each other and laughed at the same time. He took off his baseball cap and buttoned it on her head. There was still some temperature on the baseball cap, she was stunned, and lifted the brim of her hat in the darkness.

“It’s snowing,” he explained.

Under the illuminating lights outside the airport gate, he was rare, revealing his complete features.

Just like… in Singapore, he led the team all the way to beheaded, invincible, after killing all the enemies, he was surrounded by many reporters on the rostrum for interviews.

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