Trapped Fish Chapter 2

Behind her, a newcomer explained the situation in a low voice: “Just now, olo’s apprentice drove the vest to play in qualifying, and had a little conflict with others, saying that the grievances were resolved. At first it was a joke. Unexpectedly, I lost the first set. Everyone just happened to be bored. They just took turns. Up to now, they have won or lost, and they have won in three or seven.”

“Three seven open? We seven?”

“Of course it’s seven of us. If we lose more and lose less, we don’t need to communicate anymore. We just apologize here.” Xiao Duo made a face and looked relaxed.

So, is it the grievance between P member and others?

“Who’s turn?” she asked.

“The ME team has passed the round, and the IG team is almost the same. If you continue to fight, the bosses will probably be on.”

Both ME and IG passed?

The two teams mentioned by Xiao Duo have won the Asian Championships and the top three in major world events…In other words, these two teams are top-notch even in the P club.

Needless to say, I must have met a professional player.

Ai Qing’s eyes moved away from the screen, and she glanced at the person who was separated from her by a dining table. olo is still simply wearing a pure white long-sleeved sweatshirt, habitually sticking one hand in his pants pocket, and talking to the players around him in a low voice.

He noticed her gaze and looked back: “Isn’t it weird, why do we value this grievance situation so much?”

“The opponent is also a professional player?”

“Almost,” olo laughed. “There may be people you know here.”

People you know?

She knows too many professional players.

“It’s grunt.”

olo gave a simple name.


With StarCraft II, a dangerous player who became famous in one fell swoop, from the beginning of the year to the present, his personal prize money for the game has exceeded 800,000.

And this person really has a small relationship with Ai Qing.

He almost became the boyfriend of Ai Qing’s twin sister.

However, it’s just a little bit.

Of course, the focus is not on this little gossip.

After grunt became famous, he never signed any club. P had also contacted him privately two months ago, but unfortunately there was no agreement. And just five days ago, he suddenly announced that he had joined a very young club-K&K.

This is a new club that was established last spring, but it has developed rapidly. It has played against P members repeatedly in major events and won one championship and three runner-ups. At the same time, this summer, they poached three players from P one after another at a very high price.

And now,

K&K’s move to take grunt to his subordinates, obviously, has put on a posture of complete confrontation with P.

“Not only grunt, the people behind these vests should all be K&K professional players,” Po Na added, “and…it should not be just K&K, there may be other clubs watching.”

“The major clubs join forces to challenge us?” Someone answered.

Although Bao Na and olo were both watching, they did not express any opinions before Ai Qing came. At this time, the two of them said this, and everyone understood why these two bosses would watch so seriously.

“K&K is really menacing.”

Everyone immediately started gearing up, preparing to completely defeat them.

Ai Qing was also happy to watch the show, she pulled out an empty chair and sat down.

At this time, the computer screen jumped out of a small window: it has been almost an hour, and their trump cards have been shown. How about the final battle?

“No problem.” Bao Na smiled and asked people to reply.

On the screen, it quickly popped out of the window: How about 5 on 5 instead of one-on-one in the last round?


Bao Na hesitated for a few seconds and looked around for a week: “DotA2’s home team has all gone to Europe to play games. If we want to reorganize…”

It seems that there are no players specializing in this project?

“Ai Qing,” Bao Na saw her, smiled immediately, and threw the problem to her, “You have played DotA, you choose.”


“Yes, you choose,” Bao Na said with a smile, “Anyway, the home team is not there. Pick a few to play with.”

“Then… I just ordered it casually?”


“It’s okay not to play DotA?”

“absolutely okay.”

“Can I take the initiative to invite you?”

“So welcome!”

“What should I do if I lose?” This is a risk.

“Lost,” Bao Na smiled ambiguously, “olo is responsible.”


Ai Qing silently pulled out a list in her heart, and Bao Na had someone reply at the same time, asking the other party to throw the list out, and five people would be selected immediately.

Soon, the other party responded: This is our list: Shark in the bottle, make up the knife, OO, return, silently.

“Missing the knife without dropping the knife and OO?”

Someone recognized these two vests as old members of P who were poached by K&K…

It’s really a narrow road.

“There are also grunt and 97,” Bao Na added. “Grunt’s vest on China has always been openly a bottle shark, and returned to the 97 vest. He signed K&K with grunt this year.”

As the head of P’s China region, he has always paid attention to potential newcomers.

“97 is still grunt’s friend from childhood to adulthood. Last year’s League Cup Warcraft ranked third in China and fourth in Asia,” Ai Qing added. “Later, I fell ill and didn’t participate in the finals.”

She is familiar with this person.

These four alone are already a luxurious lineup.

The other party did not break his promise.

And the last…

“Silently,” someone recognized the id, “Isn’t this the one you played against olo many years ago? Isn’t it, boss?”

olo nodded: “If he didn’t change his name…it should be him.”

“He is also a professional player?”

“Yes,” olo affirmed again, giving his own evaluation by the way, “an opponent that one cannot ignore.”

Ai Qing exhaled very slowly.

Everyone only recognizes the name “Silent”, and the person behind the vest, only she and olo know who it is.

Unexpectedly, he actually appeared here.

Do you just play with a group, or…have already signed K&K?

olo also saw her hesitation: “Is there a problem?”

“No problem,” Ai Qing picked and picked the mouse on the table, and pulled over a handy one. “Such a lineup is a rare opportunity in a lifetime. No one will give up.”

Moreover, it is not the first time that she has played against this person.

From C to DotA, they have all played against each other.

Seven years ago, both of them represented the Chinese team in the Singapore Asian Championships.

And now, he is her opponent.

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