Trapped Fish Chapter 3

Ai Qing was silent for three seconds and gave a list:

701, small, following…and my own small appledog.

The last one is left.

She hesitated for a long time, but in the end, she didn’t choose olo, but looked at the people around her: “Boss, let’s get together.”

“Me?” Bao Na was shocked, “Why do I have to be on it? Is our P already withered to such a degree?”

“It’s okay, boss,” Ai Qing said lightly, “I’m just a commentator.”

“Just kidding, even in the C era ten years ago, you were the sniper of the first team…” Bao Na sat down happily despite complaining, rolling up his sleeves, “Come on, who will explain to me first.” Explain, how do you play DotA2?”


Soon, the computers lined up on the dining table.

She turned on the computer in front of her and found that DotA2 was not installed.

“Is there a computer?” She took off the headset and asked Po Na, “This one does not have DotA2.”

“I don’t have DotA2, only 1.” Xiaoxiao also took off the headphones, a little helpless.

The people here are not focusing on this project. Naturally, most computers do not have this game installed.

But Ai Qing’s computer does.

As a qualified commentator, she has a fixed time every day to play games.

Ai Qing told the other party that she needed to go back to get the computer and let the other party wait about ten minutes. As soon as this sentence was sent, the other party replied: “It doesn’t matter, 2 is not, 1 is fine.”


Ai Qing didn’t know if it was destined. Ten years ago, she lost to him in this game.

She had no objection and opened the DotA icon on the desktop.

DotA,Defene of the Ancient。

It is the most classic team battle competition in the past ten years.

Whether it is a personal role, or established tactics, offense, defense, or gank, a slight deviation from one person will mean losing the game.

Therefore, the team’s tacit understanding determines everything.

And tonight… Ai Qing didn’t know how the other party was doing, but she knew very well that the five of them here were completely temporary. Although they are all familiar with this game, there is absolutely no tacit understanding.

Therefore, she needs to choose heroes carefully.

It is very likely to face headwinds in which it is suppressed in the early stage and only has a chance to comeback later.

However, this is not a problem.

One of DotA’s greatest charms is the thrill of a complete comeback after being suppressed all the way.

“Ai Qing, were you on the DotA professional team in the past?”

Bao Na’s voice came from the earphone.

“Yes, but it didn’t take long, and the Asian Championships didn’t go there.” The opening screen flashed and Ai Qing quickly purchased equipment. “Don’t be superstitious about professional teams. At that time, the non-professional team won me.”

“You mean Dt, right?”


A few years ago, the person who took the Dota China championship from his own hands.

“I’ve seen your finals information. To be honest, none of his teammates were very powerful. He was beaten by you and almost collapsed. It all depends on him to regain the disadvantage and make a comeback. How to say…”

“You don’t need to save face for me, you know that after watching the game, there is no shame in losing to him,” Ai Qing smiled, with the light on the screen reflected in her eyes. “In short, my whole team lost to him alone. .”

She glanced at the entire map.

Of the five opponents, only these two players who left from P are most familiar with.

And grunt and 97, one is the main attack on StarCraft 2, and the other is Warcraft. No one knows the specific strength on Dota.

As for the last one…

She looked at the location of “Silently”.

She had fought against this person once and couldn’t deal with it at all.

“Yeah, there is absolutely no shame. His gank and anti-gank ability is the strongest I have ever seen,” Bao Na continued to sigh, “When you played Dota, what was called on the forum, yes, gorgeous The pianist is a girl, playing a game is so looking for beauty, I have to say, the operation is absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t expect the pianist to encounter the’left hand of God’, it is also considered destined.”

Ai Qing pursed her lips and said nothing.

Suddenly, in her field of vision, a “silent” figure flashed past, but did not stay here.

This is an incredible behavior.

The teammate just left here, she is alone now, if she silently wants to attack, this is a great opportunity… She can’t think about it, the fierce battle has already begun on the map.

The teammate who had just left was silently hit.

The fierce battle is too fast, too fast for rescue.

“Firt blood。”

A system prompt sounded suddenly in the audience.

Firt blood, the first drop of blood.

The first player to be killed in the entire game appeared, and the person who got the first drop of blood was silent.

Extreme operation, god level consciousness.

This is the evaluation he got.

Now, here, his strength remains the same. In the next 30 minutes, the performance of ten people in the field fully reflected the difference between professional and non-professional.

In the DotA game, only Ai Qing and Silent were once pro players.

When she was wearing headphones and focused on killing grunt, she silently completed a double kill.

At the same time, the audience rang a system prompt: “holy hit!”

People who have killed their opponents ten times in a row but haven’t died once will have this sound in the audience every time they kill them again. This is the most talked-about word in DotA-“Super God”.

“holy hit!”

“holy hit!”

This sound kept coming out of the headset.

“Hit!” Bao Na was killed again and returned to his hometown, and finally couldn’t help but explode.

Except for Aiqing, the rest of the entire map has become a silent kill show performance area.

She breathed out softly.

So far, she can confirm that there is no chance of a comeback at all.

Just like the 2007 China finals.

She lost.

And this time too, until the game was completely over, the other party did not kill her once.

Ai Qing took off the headphones unwillingly.

“Whose trumpet is’silently’?” Po Na asked olo.

olo smiled easily: “Didn’t you just say that? There is only one person who can completely defeat Ai Qing on DotA without any suspense.”

Bao Na was slightly stunned: “It’s Dt’s vest number silently?”

olo nodded.

“I’m going…” The teammate who had just taken the first drop of blood by Dt suddenly covered his face and wailed, “I said why I was abused so badly, it turned out that I met him.”

“Dt? Isn’t he playing Warcraft?” someone asked.

After all, in 2007 and 10, he belonged to a short-lived player, and he disappeared before he could become famous on a large scale.

“In 2007, he was a dotA player and led the team to win the Asian Championships,” Ai Qing replied, “My team is runner-up.”

That year, Dt was fifteen years old.

That year, he led the team to win the Chinese championship and won the Asian Championship on behalf of China. In the same year, because of his DotA results, the entire Chinese team won the Asian Championship.

In that year, he was called the “Left Hand of God” by the entire DotA world only by the operation that made people collapse.

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