Trapped Fish Chapter 31

She was barefoot and jumped off the massage table.

There is a large heated swimming pool on the second floor of the hotel with a wide view.

The massage rooms are surrounded by the swimming pool and open to the water. From her perspective, you can even see a couple lying on the massage chair and kissing in the massage room on the other side…

She had no choice but to turn back, with her back to the pool, looking at him.

“Watching your final today reminds me of the first time I watched the StarCraft game before, in 2000? The first generation of this boxer game.”

Born in 1980, the first generation of e-sports players, a member of the WCG Hall of Fame, a well-deserved pioneer of e-sports.

That’s… the person who made the gaming dream begin.

It’s a pity that she only accompanied her classmates to watch it accidentally, and didn’t know what it was.

can not read it.

Not interested.

“Boxer has ignited the e-sports dreams of so many people in Korea,” Ai Qing said softly, “Wu Bai, can you help me record this game commentary tonight?” He walked to her: “Okay.”

When did you start feeling the oppression of his body and the oppression of absolute strength?

He is still in K&K’s black team uniform, with his tall body wrapped in sportswear, barefoot, and walking towards her step by step. Obviously he is the big boy who has just won the championship from the finals, tens of thousands of people, and tens of millions of viewers on the Internet, but he has no threat…

No, this is an illusion.

Are you very clear? Ai Qing.

For any opponent, he is synonymous with absolute strength and absolute oppression. He only appears in front of you, just the boy who first met in the national finals, taciturn, but always follows you.

He noticed that she was in a trance: “What’s the matter?”

“I’m thinking about a question.” She has always been honest with others, never telling lies.

It just depends on the degree of honesty.

He smiled easily, put his hands in his sports pants pockets, and looked at the couple who had gone from kissing to touching them in the distance, and began to think, if Ai Qing turned around at this time, he would immediately blush. Don’t know where to put your hands and feet? Then, with a big red face, pretending to be calm and meaningless, pretending to say a lot of things, in the end, I can only think of games-related to transfer my panic.


He was entertaining in his head, feeling that this was the best reward after the game.

The reporters interviewed, the fans who are chasing, the trophies that have already been won, and the high-value tournament bonuses that are about to be credited to their personal accounts are not satisfying at this moment.

Ai Qing wondered what he was looking at, she was so happy.

Following his sight, he successfully caught the scene of a man lifting a woman’s shirt, and he was immediately silly. Wouldn’t he just look at this so happy? Men still like it– thinking about it this way, the blushing level has completely increased, and he wants to step back a few steps and bypass the person in front of him.

Suddenly his feet were empty.

There was a huge sound of water in the ears. At the moment of falling into the pool, she instinctively held her breath, and the pervasive water enveloped her body. After falling rapidly, before she got up by buoyancy, she was hugged by a pair of arms behind her. Hold out the water.

In the dizziness, I heard the person holding me say to a distance in English: “It’s okay, it’s my friend who is playing.”

…… She has no time to think about why she is so unlucky.

He was picked up by him: “Your clothes are wet, you will be seen, sit here, wait for me to get you a bath towel?” He stood at the bottom of the pool and let her sit on the stone steps leading to the room between them. ,Sit down.

The buoyancy in the water blocked him, and he rushed up again, and fell on the steps in a panic.

The knee slammed up, his brows wrinkled with pain.

“Are you okay?” She nervously went to see his knees on the stairs.

Dt shook his head: “It’s okay.”

It should be broken, but it has no effect on the bones. It’s not a big deal, it’s just a fall. he thinks.

But in these two sentences, both people noticed that the weird posture at this time was really… his hand was resting on her side, and he was kneeling on the stone steps in the water. She was in front of her, within reach.

The water on his body kept falling, falling on her arms and chest.

She was sitting in the water, and he knelt before her.

The short wet black hair, the dazzling and exquisite silhouette of an Oriental, the black sportswear wrapped around his body because of the soaking of water, all of this is like a whirlpool. The heartbeat shook the eardrums strongly, covering everything.

In the sound of diving in the distance,

He finally forcibly staggered his face from hers, restrained his strong desire to kiss, and said in a very low voice in her ear: Give me a chance, Ai Qing…

Ai Qing was wrapped in a bath towel, sitting by the pool, her feet dipped in the water, looking at the distance in a daze.

Behind him, Dt, who had taken his clothes, approached, squatted down, put clean gauze and iodophor on the floor, and sat down cross-legged: “I will disinfect your wound first.”

She hummed, eyes drooping, and glanced at the exposed knees under his shorts.

Sure enough, it broke: “Aren’t you going to sterilize the bandage?”

He shook his head silently. If two people have bandaged the wound at the same time, although one is on the forehead and the other is on the knee, it will always look weird in the eyes of outsiders. He didn’t want to cause her any trouble.

With very clean fingers, he took out the cotton swab in front of her eyes and treated her forehead with disinfectant.

Disinfect and bandage.

She kept her eyes down, avoiding his gaze.

In this quiet, she felt every slight move of him.

After Ai Qing changed clothes in the bathroom, they walked out of the room one after another and ran into a group of tatami in the elevator. At this time, athletes from all over the world have left the hotel, and only the champion and runners-up clubs stayed here.

Among the group of Koreans, there was a girl who was always looking here, her eyes flickering at Dt. After these heavyweights all greeted him, she nervously said to him in English: “Dt? You are so tall… …”

Strangely quiet.

Soon, happy laughter erupted.

Those Koreans teased the behavior of girls in Korean. Some of them are better in Chinese, so they simply switched to the Chinese channel: “Wewe just came from New York and we cried without seeing the final. I prove that her bedroom is all you. All the posters for her are made by herself. She is really, very fan and fan of you.

“It’s a pity that you can only see idols in such big events,” Tatami also laughed, and reached out to touch the head of the little sister of the club. “Dt, I lost so happily today. I heard that this is your last interstellar game. The game?”

“Almost,” Dt said to the man clearly more comfortably, “the next three years will be storming in the back room.”

“Coincidentally, so am I,” Tatami told him, “All of these around me, except Wewe, are all players in Chamber Storm.”

TUMA, the top three clubs in Asia.

Ai Qing quickly scanned the faces of these people, very strange, except for tatami and another interstellar player, the rest are newcomers?

“If you don’t leave tonight, come for a game?” Tatami is a happy person, and he just makes an appointment.

Dt did not answer immediately.

Tatami quickly said a series of numbers, simple and clear.

It’s all the points ranking of these people on the Korean server.

Ai Qing immediately passed the ranking and matched the ids of these people. awesome! In the previous exhibition matches, the game was still in closed beta, that is to say, all the famous players from well-known clubs were invited.

Famous players in other events ≠ top masters in Chamber Storm.

And now, two months after the game’s public beta, the rankings came out, which also confirmed this theory, and too many hidden masters appeared one after another. New games, new rules, new worlds.

Before the Asian Cup, it was a rare opportunity to have a game with TUMA. Ai Qing quietly hid her right hand behind her, trying to pull Dt’s clothes next to her, giving him a hint.

It feels a little strange, uh, jeans?

She quickly let go.

Forgot his height…

“Okay,” Dt replied suddenly, “what time?”

“Tonight,” Tatami smiled, “After dinner, wait for my call.”

eight pm.

A heavyweight game about the room storm began on the twentieth floor of the hotel designated for the interstellar game in Chicago.

Gun is not in the hotel, even if he is, Ai Qing doesn’t think he will value these people, and is willing to start an offline game. So the current lineup is 4V4. In China, K&K’s Dt and grunt, plus P’s Ai Qing and inin; South Korea is the four members of the KUMA club.

Ai Qing is preparing keyboard and mouse: “How do you think they are capable?”

“That’s not good. Now the data of the four major servers is not unified, and no one knows which server ranks more valuable.” Grunt yawned and took off his glasses: “I am not in good shape today, so please bear with me.”

He speaks lightly, just like everyone else.

Ai Qing thought of her sister and looked at grunt.

According to my sister, the matter between grunt and her ex-girlfriend has lasted for at least seven or eight months, but she has never seen any abnormal behavior in grunt except that day. The competition, the training, the venomous tongue, the joking or the joking, private affairs are always hidden, no one can see through.

Actually…everyone is like this.

No matter how many secrets there are behind them, in front of others, everyone will maintain their best condition and do what they should do.

This is life.

Everyone typed in the game interface.

She put on the earphones and saw Dt type a line on the team channel: Everyone, winning or losing is secondary, try everything possible to understand the game habits of these people and prepare for the Asian Cup.


grunt: I’m not in a good state today, so please bear with me.

Ai Qing wanted to write two sentences, and deleted them quickly.

At last.

appledog: May God be behind us.

This sentence–

Dt and grunt looked at Ai Qing, who was engrossed in the computer screen at the same time. This is what Appledog must say to their teammates at the beginning of every game of the olo team.

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