Trapped Fish Chapter 56

The hotel where K&K stayed this time is on Chang’an Avenue.

After having dinner, the two of them walked west from Chang’an Avenue all the way to Tiananmen Square. Ai Qing stopped: “Wait, I asked some old friends to meet here just now, and he said he was nearby.”

There are people everywhere.

In the early summer night, she only wore a short skirt and white middle sleeves, standing beside him and looking around.

Perhaps because she has been engaged in the game industry for many years, although she is already twenty-five years old, she still looks very youthful. Standing side by side with the twenty-two-year-old him, she whispers a few words from time to time, so she is so worthy.

Until, a man came alone.

A very ordinary face, but Dt recognized it at first glance. This was her old friend, teammate, and one of the olo team’s substitutes.

Ai Qing saw the incoming person, and the silhouette rushed up.

When the other party saw Dt who he didn’t know, he still squeezed for three seconds if he wanted to hug him, so Ai Qing suddenly hugged his neck: “Great!” Ai Qing hugged the other party hard and patted him on the back , “One thousand, one thousand, I heard that you are married, haven’t you?” She let go, and looked at one thousand gossiping, “Really? Are there any wedding photos? Bride, I want to see the bride. “

Yiqian smiled, looked behind Ai Qing, and whispered: “This guy, although I often see it in the game news, I still know him. He doesn’t know my state. Wouldn’t you introduce me first? dog.”

She just stepped back two steps, took Dt’s wrist, and pulled him a few steps forward: “This is my team olo back then…”

“One thousand,” Dt stretched out his hand, “Hello.”

The man raised his eyebrows: “Oh, I didn’t expect the dog to actually mention me.”

“No, because I was a big fan of Team olo, so I know you.” Dt told Yiqian calmly.

“Ah… yes! You are a dog’s fan!”

Dt’s declaration, all has long given gossip to all former friends. Although everyone was somewhat regretful, in the end the only two people in the team who had attracted everyone’s attention did not come together, but they were still very excited. The only girl in the team finally has a home after so many years, and the brothers are still very pleased.

The two walked and became three.

Ai Qing kept asking about each other’s life gossip, everything was fine, and even asked about the life of the other’s parents after they retired. Dt listened silently half a step behind them, and the corners of his mouth curled from time to time. Enjoy this time.

After being with her, any time, any fragment, has become a favorite.

He remembers that when he was young, grunt and 97 asked if he really caught up with the goddess, how would he get along with the goddess? At that time, he was already a proud and conceited person, but he didn’t have any hope for such a thing, and even thought it was sacrilege.

He just wanted to be closer, closer to her world.

When you get close, you can see her true emotions and sorrows.

Three people go to the hotel where P is staying.

Ai Qing took out her mobile phone and dialed olo’s number. She knew that olo should have checked in at this time. After a short wait, it turned out to be Gun who answered the phone: “Ai Qing?” Gun’s voice was a little dumb.

“Han Shang Yan?” She was stunned.

“Is Xiao Bai by your side?”

“Yes, shall I give him the phone?”

Ai Qing said, she handed the phone to Dt. She and olo’s mobile phone has become a tool for gun and Dt to talk. On the phone, Gun said two sentences to Dt very briefly. The first sentence was “Lend your girlfriend for ten minutes and let her come to olo’s room”, and the second sentence is “Xiaobai, although I am your brother.” But here is the best brother of my life, sorry for giving me face.”

Dt didn’t answer a word, just hung up the phone and handed it to Ai Qing: “Han Shang Yan is in olo’s room, if I have something to look for you, you go, I’ll wait for you here.”

Ai Qing was startled, and Yi Qian also patted her on the shoulder, meaning that she was waiting for her here.

She turned to leave.

“Wait.” Dt said suddenly.

She turned her head.

“Bring you to me, I’ll hold it for you.” Dt simply pointed to her backpack.

Ai Qing flushed, took the bag, handed it to him, and took the elevator all the way to the twelfth floor.

Outside olo’s room, the only young girlfriend of Gun who showed up several times during the event, holding her backpack, saw her immediately whispered nervously: “Seven bottles of beer, two and a half bottles of liquor,” the girl After speaking, he pointed to the room again, “Han Shangyan wouldn’t let me in, he and olo are inside.”

“Well, he called me to come over,” Ai Qing patted the little girl on the shoulder, and whispered comforting, “It’s okay, these two people drink a lot.”

The little girl was still very worried, and took out her mobile phone: “Can you remember my phone number? You have to go in and see that it’s okay, just send me…send a period.”

Ai Qing was amused, and took down the girl’s phone number, and then knocked on the door of the room.

The door opened quickly, and there was a light inside.

She walked in and closed the door with her backhand… The hotel room is not good at this point. As long as you enter the door, you will have a clear view no matter what the situation inside. Unlike at home, you can hide in the bedroom or the study. For example, now lying on the sofa, olo with one arm covering her face, and gun leaning against the sofa smoking a cigarette, as if to pull back the time and drag her back to that day in 2005.

Korean business people rarely smoke, except when they are particularly upset.

“Doggo…” Han Shangyan raised his head, wondering whether it was drunk, or because of the emotional ups and downs, his eyes were red, “Come on.” He beckoned slowly.

She walked over, walked up to him, and asked softly: “Is he okay?”

“It’s okay,” Gun’s dark eyes looked at the door without focus. “Our first championship was won in Beijing.” Ai Qing’s nose was a little sour, and she looked up at the night view of Beijing outside the French window: “I’m sorry… …Korean business dialect.”

This is what she has suppressed for so many years, and she really wants to speak well to Han Shangyan.

Thousands of lights outside the window.

When they first came to Beijing, it was like the Taotao team today, and it was not even as good as this team. After all, the children’s living standards are much higher now. That was the starting point of the Korean business language career peak…

“Ai Qing,” said olo with his arm covering his face, “I’m sorry.”

The voice is very soft and tired.

I am sorry.

These three words, olo once said before kneeling before Ai Qing.

At that time, there were only three of them in the room. Now, there are only three of them in the room.

At that time, two nineteen-year-olds were now their standing years.

ten years.

The two people who had no background at the time are now the heads of the two major domestic e-sports clubs in China, and they are also involved in various affairs of overseas clubs. What exactly is success? What is lost?

Ai Qing couldn’t hold back anymore, tears streaming down her face.

She didn’t know whether the man who covered his face with his arm, and the man who covered his sight with the back of his hand holding a cigarette, were doing the same thing with her. At this moment, all three of them seemed to stand alone in front of the tsunami waves tens of meters high. The sky broke and the earth broke, and the water waves swept down…

“Olo,” Ai Qing said with a smile for a long time with tears in her eyes, “In my heart, you have always been the best captain. Thank you.”

Thank you for making me never feel that I was the wrong person when I was young.

At least in the days when you were in love, you never failed me.

In 2008, after his grievances and grievances, he said an answer completely different from what fans expected. How many friends and fans were extremely disappointed. The overwhelming gossip, speculation, malicious, lively, all kinds of right and wrong made her discouraged and chose to retire.

And he faced the same malice and the resulting suspicion of character, which also implicated P, but he still said nothing and went on.

He took the name of the olo team, as the only person on the team who still persisted in the e-sports circle, to this day, he formed the first team with one hand, and recalled all and Xiaomi.

Without him, the soul of Team olo is long gone.

After a long twenty minutes, none of the three made a sound.

Like when they were young, at midnight when they were unable to do anything, the three of them always liked to stay in the room. No one said anything, but they accompanied each other.

In silence, accompany each other.

Later, when Gun and Ai Qing walked out of the room, the little girl quickly jumped up and carefully took Gun’s arm: “Han Shang Yan, are you thirsty? Do you want to drink water? Do you have a stomachache? Do you have a headache?…” The question made Ai Qing couldn’t help but chuckle.

Gun looked at the elevator, the little girl was stunned, and immediately smiled: “I’ll guard the elevator for you~” So, she ran away with her heart and left it for the two of them temporarily.

Gun took out a fruit candy from his pocket, peeled it, bit it, and whispered to Ai Qing.

This sentence is: “I am very unfair to Xiaobai, I have not blessed anything, sorry, I will not bless anything in the future. One is my brother, the other is my brother, but the dog…” Gun paused For a long time, the palm of her hand was pressed on her right shoulder, “However, that kid’s temper doesn’t need or care about my blessing. Do you understand?” Ai Qing hummed softly, “One thousand is downstairs.”

“One thousand?” Gun was stunned, and immediately smiled, “Today I drank enough and cried enough, you accompany me, I’m leaving.” After speaking, he strode away and waved his back to Ai Qing. Goodbye.

See you at the stadium tomorrow.

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