Trapped Fish Chapter 59

At this time, four red dots appeared on the life detector on the slide.

To the southeast.

There was a dull sound, low and short.

At the same time, the slide and another red dot rushed on.

Two figures knelt on one knee, two shots shot, pointing at the standing figure.

The system prompts that 1 person died.

Immediately afterwards, there were two more gunshots not far away.

The system prompts that 1 person died.


“Understood!” Wheat looked at the system prompt in the smoke, recalling the last action of the slide team before entering the smoke, “No matter who it is, he will subconsciously switch to long and short knives and pistols before close combat! This is it! Special voice, as long as you change weapons, you must be the buffed person!”

“Yes,” Ai Qing, as the team leader, is most familiar with the training methods of her team. “Before entering the game, we will change weapons first, and will never change them before the smoke clears.”

So for Team P, any sound of changing close combat weapons is the sound of distinguishing the enemy.

“But if two people from P kill an enemy at the same time, won’t they kill by mistake?”

“No, because…they are all bottom attacks.”

When you get close to your body, you can see the silhouette of the attacking posture.

It is also the last chance to identify teammates.

After hundreds of blind-killing training, they can recognize their teammates tacitly. Manslaughter or something will never happen to P.

Buff yelled: “55, 89, post it!”

Two teammates posted quickly.

The three of them stood back to back, and dared not disperse.

There were footsteps all around in Buff’s headphones.

The smoke dissipated early.

In five positions, the five people of P began to switch from hand|gun to the most commonly used weapon.

“Disperse, fight it!” Buff shouted, and he rushed to the slide where the knife was replaced. The disadvantage of 3V5, against the top ten players in the five rankings, there is no possibility of winning at all.

But buff knows that one more second will give them another second more time in the gaming world.

Once the game is over-

In this life, everything about e-sports is completely over.

Dreams that had been desperate,

Will go back to the past completely.

The three men lifted their knives and dispersed again. The slide and Buff were one-to-one, and the rest were one-to-two.


“Buff, I’m sorry, I tried my best.” There was a strong nasal voice in the teammate’s voice.

The system prompts that 1 person died.

“Can’t hold on, boss.”

The last teammate weakened and died completely.

The system prompts that 1 person died.


In the two years after losing to the olo team, several thirty-year-old men who did not cry at the moment of retirement and disband, all put on the camera to cover their eyes.

In the screen, the buff slammed into the tree and hit the slide.

One second after the slide hit, he held his elbow and fiercely inserted the short|knife into Buff’s heart.

On the big screen, start counting down blood volume.

The slide quickly typed two words:


The picture freezes at the moment the buff dies.

Thirteen minutes and forty seconds, the semi-finals are over, and P enters the finals!

At the northwest corner of the stand, there are fans of buff.

Rarely, compared with the fan lineup of the entire stadium, these thirty few have no sense of existence at all.

But at this moment, they were crying, shaking everyone’s heart.

The final glory of the Buff team has ended.

I don’t know who took the lead, stood up, and saw off this old team.

Ai Qing also got up from behind the live broadcast and applauded.

In the live broadcast room, the director played a very exciting heavy metal music, the more exciting, the more regrettable. Five senior uncles, with red eyes, removed their keyboard and mouse, and left the center of the stadium one by one.

P and K&K, as the two major clubs, are at the top of the player area.

When Buff passed in front of Gun, Gun stretched out his right foot, blocking his way.

The red-eyed man glanced at Gun sitting on the seat: “P wins me, not you.” The subtext is, what’s so arrogant? Really think the whole world eats your gun god?

Gun narrowed his eyes and threw out a sentence: “Sign you for a year, and I will take you to the Asian Championships.”

This sentence……

Buff was stunned.

The meaning of this sentence is that now that the dust has settled, no matter how the champions and runners are allocated, P and K&K will definitely represent the Chinese division in the Asian Championships.

According to the rules of the “Storm of the Chamber”, the list of players can be changed at any time during the game.

Gun’s invitation is very simple. Join K&K immediately and continue the next game.

In front of Buff, God Gun is still so arrogant that people want to smoke him.


One year, even after the olo team disbanded, he brought the buff team and never played in Asia. One

Years, yes, he is only one year old at most

“Why?” Buff asked in a low voice, “Why sign me.”

Gun shrugged: “Because you are fourth in points.”

Olo, who was sitting across the aisle with Gun, raised his mouth slightly. Good reason…

“Okay, I’ll go to your hotel to sign a contract with you tonight,” the buff broke, and there was no more nonsense. “Wait for me to tell my brothers.”

“no problem.”

Buff continued to hold the keyboard in his hand, passing by the aisle between olo and gun, and walking backward.

Every step is a new life.

Although only the last year of the Asian Championships, he also has the desire to win the world championship!

“There is still one person left,” olo whispered, “K&K’s strength will be completely improved.”

“Thank you Gougou, who broke up a young team with his own hands. They are all the newest players,” Gun replied lightly. “She will always be able to help me.” Whether it was the intentional help at olo, or the unintentional now Inserting willows allows K&K to quickly replenish troops.

After tonight, K&K will quickly complete the blood swap and prepare for the Asian Championships.

The row of opponent’s seats in front of the slide was still empty.

In ten minutes, the China Finals will begin.

It is still a game of life and death.

Very unfair, but also very fair.

Ai Qing flipped through the information in her hand, her palms were also sweaty, with Dt on one side and her team on the other. She can even think of the intensity of the game later…

“Okay,” said wheat suddenly, “before the semifinals started, we officially opened a poll on the Internet, and now the players who watched the live webcast off the field have ended a round of voting. The number of voters has exceeded millions. As a result, It’s amazing, but it’s not beyond our expectations.”


It was completely beyond her expectation.

Mai Mai smiled, glanced at Ai Qing, and pointed to the big screen: “Let’s take a look at the big screen.”

Ai Qing followed his hand and looked at the switched large screen.

The hand flipping through the information stopped at this moment.

On the big screen, a very simple sentence:

In the All-Star Exhibition of “Storm of the Secret Chamber” in China, which players do you want to see?

The following ranking words are: olo, gun, appledog, all, Xiaomi, Dt, slide, grunt, taotao, inin, buff, 97……

this is–

Amazing cheers broke out from the audience.

There are all the main players of team olo in this list!

In just two live broadcasts of the game, there have been millions of votes on the Internet, and the statistics behind each name are still growing rapidly. Here, not only the fans of Team olo in China, but also overseas watching live broadcasts and Old fans who landed immediately after hearing the news.

Not only the audience area, but also the contestants area.

How many players here have been fans of team olo?

In particular, the secret room is still a gunfighting game. As the first team of C that year, “Creation|World’s olo” is deeply embedded in everyone’s memory and also represents their youth.

There is no doubt that the names of the five members of the olo team are better than any rookie king.

Even the most popular Dt.

Even though it is only an exhibition match, everyone wants to see these five people stand in the competition area again, and see their substitutes sitting in the players rest area excitedly and cheering…

olo, gun, appledog, millet, all, open, small yo, 090, 1,000.

This is the memory of an entire era.

This is… the youth of many people.

“This list, I think anyone here who likes gunfighting games will not be unfamiliar.” Wheat couldn’t suppress his excitement. When the organizer put forward this proposal, he was afraid that netizens would forget them and forget the olo. The team, but it turns out that each of them is deeply imprinted in everyone’s heart, “I believe that the top five people on this list will definitely bring us the most exciting exhibition match.”

Ai Qing couldn’t say a word, she couldn’t say a word, she was holding her back, she couldn’t help covering her face with her hands, her fingers trembling slightly.

She dare not dream of this scene.

One day, I can sit in front of the computer and open the game interface, with olo on the left and gun, all and Xiaomi on the right…

She went to see the players area at a loss.

There were several people sitting behind olo.

Xiaomi, Kaikai, Xiaoyo, 090, 1,000…All members are here.

No wonder, it’s no wonder that Yi Qian came to Beijing for a business trip so coincidental.

No wonder Han Shangyan was so calm last night that he didn’t even want to meet with old friends.

It was clear that everyone was hiding from her.


She looked at Dt who was sitting behind Gun.

The man who looked at him intently from start to finish was the first time he didn’t tell him the truth. Judging from the look on his face that seemed to be smiling at the moment, he had already known all this.

He knew that this was a dream she could not complete.

So he didn’t want to disturb.

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