Trapped Fish Chapter 63 End

The original awards ceremony was moved to ten o’clock. Ai Qing returned to the P rest area, opened a bottle of mineral water, and drank several sips. The lights of the audience gathered on the stage. Here, the rest area for the contestants was mostly empty, and many people went on stage to accept the award.

The tense, intense, and bloody time has passed.

She felt a little sore from arm to wrist.

Ai Qing stood in the middle of the aisle, looked at olo on the left and gun on the right, and laughed softly: “Remember when we were so poor and couldn’t even rent a training room? Two bosses.”

Olo smiled and shook his head: “No, when I was the poorest, let alone the training room, I couldn’t even find a place to live.” Gun shrugged, “You sleep in the bed anyway, but I have been on the floor for months. “

Ai Qing continued to drink water, looking enviously at the players already on stage.

The sight stayed on the most eye-catching Dt.

Counting time, Dt is a person with a particularly long career.

So many years have passed since he became famous in and olo. When she was looking at him, the man who put his hat back on also found her position accurately. When the two people’s eyes met, the big screen happened to be broadcast live to Dt.

Gun coughed.

She looked away and continued to drink water as if she was okay, drinking water…

Wheat held the list with excitement, reading all the honors that Dt had obtained one by one. Just like the former gun and olo, it has included too many individual awards, and even quietly surpassed the gun of the year: the most dominant player No. 1 , The top scorer number one, the best opening killer number one… and “the MVP of the China Division!” Wheat stopped and gave the audience enough time to cheer.

The next time, all the next time, will be theirs.

Ai Qing was inexplicably sad, but very touched.

The circle that she has been fighting for since she was young is getting better and better, and there are more and more excellent players.

Counter-Strike, StarCraft, Warcraft, DOTA, Dungeon and Warrior, Cross Fire, League of Legends, FIFA Football, Need for Speed, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, World of Tanks…

So many games for so many years.

How many generations have passed…

She was a little lost, olo and gun reached out their hands at the same time, pushing her forward.

She woke up and looked at the two people strangely.

“Doggou, doggy, come up soon,” Mai took the microphone and walked to the side of the podium, smiling at her under the stage, “Don’t be froze, you are the first anchor of the contest.”

After he finished speaking, he reached out to Ai Qing and directly pulled Ai Qing up.

The WVP trophy was stuffed into her hand, and Mai raised the microphone again: “I believe everyone present is familiar with our first anchor of this finals. Appledog, the main sniper of the first C team in China ten years ago, seven Years ago, the main force of the runner-up team in the DotA League in China, in the same year, the champion of the WCG Asian Championship Need for Speed, and now the leader of the P first team…”

Wheat continued.

On the big screen, Ai Qing has shown her iconic red face.

Xiaomi couldn’t help having fun off the stage: “Apple Dog reappears in the world.”

All sighed: “How many people have computer desktops, this kid is cheaper. The younger generation should not be underestimated, and should not be underestimated.”

On the stage, Ai Qing is a few steps away from Dt.

Holding the trophy, she walked to Dt step by step, completely devoid of the sharpness of the previous battle and the calmness of being on the anchor station. As if returning to the 2007 Asian Championships, the embarrassing scene between her and him in front of the gate… Dt lowered his head slightly and looked at her quietly.

“Hurry up.” Ai Qing urged in a low voice, her face flushed to the root of her ears.

Dt stretched out his hand obediently, but he took off his hat and buckled it naturally on her head. Then, logically, he took the trophy from her.

The few movements of the clouds and flowing water set off the climax of tonight.

What had been questioned, criticized, and a lot of incomprehension disappeared at this moment.

Some words don’t have to be said.

One action was already clear, he, Dt entered this circle for her. Because she found the career she loved, found her ideal, and found her way to the future. No matter how far he goes and how high he is, she is the one who made his dream start.

Dt,appledog’ time。

This is my time,

It is also your time.


“I used to doubt me, walking in the desert,

It never results, no matter what kind of dream,

Only then opened its wings, but the wind became silent,

Can you get used to hurting?

Fortunately, I have never looked back,

Finally found that there really is an oasis,

With every sweat, life becomes thicker,

See the new universe only after getting out of depression.

After being brave,

To break the lock of fate with persistence,

Indifferent people,

Thank you for underestimating me,

Let me not bow my head and live more brilliantly.

The sky is wide, after the storm.

Turning his head, smiled sadly at the old.

the one who knows me best,

Thank you for staying with me silently,

Let me own, good stories can be told,

Looking at the future, come step by step. “

——”Broad Sea and Sky”

This article,

To confess the moon I once loved, I will always remember the way you were when you were most motivated, even if the years passed by.

To commemorate my favorite game StarCraft, I will always remember your heyday, even if it is past.

——The end of the network——

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