Trapped Fish Chapter 9

Dt faced her, tilted his head slightly, and pointed to the chair and computer next to him.

With so many people, Ai Qing is always hard to refuse.

Although she is familiar with the StarCraft 2 game, she definitely does not meet the standards of these people. The reason why professional players can stand at the top is that they not only master the basic operations of the game, but also have operational capabilities that ordinary people cannot match.

Operation is not her specialty.

If it is really 3V3, she must be the one who is behind.

“Come on.” This was the first sentence she sat down and said.

Just consider her to make up the number of people.

If there is no grouping and six people are fighting, she will be responsible for herself, which is not a drag on others.

It was also this sentence that caused the four people except Dt to look at her suddenly.

Not bad, the little girl also knows what melee is.

She didn’t have an id for Hanbok, so Inin took the initiative to borrow one from her.

Ai Qing touched the keyboard and mouse. They are both made by Teelerie, which is pretty easy to use, but not the brand she is used to. Lower your head, find the wired headset, and plug it into your left ear.

Finally, while plugging in the right ear headset, she glanced at Dt.

The latter had obviously forgotten how to entrap her as a rookie, and was completely ready for war.

“We don’t use our own computer,” Inin told Ai Qing, “We can only try to create fairness in an unfair environment.” After he finished speaking, he put his hands together and thanked Ai Qing.

Everyone entered the game one by one.


In Ai Qing’s eyes, StarCraft has always been a “cultivation” single player or multiplayer confrontation game. At the beginning, the system only showed six farmers for mining.

The minerals have not been collected enough, and the buildings have not yet been constructed.

Not to mention soldiers.

But the six people did not slack off. Both left and right hands were rapidly controlling the keyboard and mouse to warm up the upcoming game climax and enter the game state as soon as possible.

There is no game commentary here, no public announcements on the big screen, very quiet

Quietly, only the sounds of keyboard taps and mouse clicks can be heard.

StarCraft 2 is declining, and the penetration rate is far lower than LOL and DotA2. But the name “StarCraft” is still a miracle. It has led an entire era of gaming in Korea.


E-port, e-sports is equal to StarCraft.


There are interstellar players, millions of fans worldwide, and hundreds of memorial websites.

There are interstellar players who have broken the million-dollar income barrier.


Some players have been selected as “Korea Person of the Year” by virtue of StarCraft, a list that only well-known politicians and scholars can enter.

The appearance of star players has caused the live broadcast ratings to rise by 30%.


Even today, this game has gone through more than a dozen years now, there are still more than 300 registered professional players in South Korea, almost swept most of the championships.

Therefore, being able to compete with these top professional players here is definitely a coveted opportunity.

The keyboard sound fluctuates up and down.

Everyone maintains a very high APM and ultra-fast screen cutting speed, and outputs keyboard commands per minute to maintain a high-speed state of 300-400.

This is a melee of professional players.

There are no so-called allies, there are enemies everywhere, there is fierce confrontation between life and death, and threats are everywhere.

1 player is out.

2 out…

The Korean who first challenged Dt was the second to be out. He left the keyboard and mouse, quickly stood up, and walked behind Ai Qing. Originally out of curiosity, I wanted to see how Dt brought this female companion to operate, but after seeing her units, I was surprised.

Soon, he said something to inin.

Inin was taken aback, and briefly translated to Ai Qing: “He said, let me take the initiative to GG.”

GG, good game, hitting these two letters in the game means quitting actively.

That person is asking inin to surrender.

Ai Qing spit out her tongue and launched a three-line general offensive with some invincibility. I don’t know why, she played exceptionally smoothly in the early stage, and even had enough time to send scouts to see through Inin’s arms ratio.

And her current general offensive force is to completely restrain the existence of Inin.

no doubt.

The momentum is like a broken bamboo, driving straight ahead, suppressing soldiers, destroying camps, and destroying the nest.

One minute later.

Inin spread out his hands with regret and was out.

At the same time, the last Korean threw the mouse away: “It’s over, you won.”

This time, in order to respect his opponent, he spoke English.

we won?

Ai Qing was taken aback.

She did have local fierce battles with a few Koreans, but she never teamed up with Dt. Until… when she saw a ruin near her base with troops stationed by Dt, she immediately understood the causality.

No wonder, I was not harassed in the early game.

No wonder, during the game, she led her troops on most of the map, but never saw the shadow of Dt.

No wonder, no one took the opportunity to attack his lair when he was playing against inin.

All these questions have answers:

The most powerful backing behind his rear is Dt.

On this day, the theme of P’s dinner was “Pre-war Mobilization Conference.”

Starting tomorrow, the six-day exhibition match will completely reveal the list of players from the first and second teams of P in the game “Storm of the Chamber”.

The second team has always been led by olo, and there is no suspense within P.

For the first team, even the internal personnel are not clear.

It is said that there are retired players, new generation players, and foreign professional players. In short, it is a mysterious team that olo has prepared for a long time and is also the main team.

“This afternoon, I went to see WC.” Ai Qing pretended to eat some food that seemed to be edible, and returned to olo to sit down beside them. Opposite her is the team leader and coach of the second team.

“Really?” olo laughed, “how do you feel?”

“I don’t know how to say it,” Ai Qing sighed, and aftertastes, “It is very general. When you first chose StarCraft 2, Bao Na and I were very optimistic about this game. Unexpectedly, we didn’t promote it in China. No professional leagues.”

This is the last project olo participated in before retiring, and he has the most say.

But he did not answer.

Instead, the coach of the second team smiled and said to Ai Qing: “StarCraft 2 has high requirements for operation and a high threshold, so it is not suitable for promotion. Isn’t there a joke. After the China Championship of StarCraft 2, he was left out in the cold by reporters, angrily. Switched to LOL. To be honest, teamfighting is more suitable for the public. Aren’t LOL and DotA very popular?”

But it’s different.

The charm of StarCraft and Warcraft, which once led the times, lies in the personal micromanagement requirements of these two games.

Extreme operation, APM instant burst value, god-level hand speed.

Watching a game, even watching the keyboard operation is a kind of artistic performance, and in team battle competition, no one cares about the speed of a person’s keyboard operation, and more concerned about the positioning skills.

Ai Qing sighed, bowed her head to eat dinner.

She didn’t notice the arrival of a newcomer, until she heard olo start to applaud by her side, she then reacted and looked up ahead. Several people in the dust, carrying backpacks, introduced themselves under Bao Na’s guidance.

“My main attack game in the past was C. I used to be a member of the olo team and won the 2004 and 2005 China championships as a player.” A tall man, smiling like a bad young man, “leaded the team 4 years ago , Won the Beat it China championship. You are welcome, just call me all. Although I retired twice, I am only one year older than the dog.”

“I am Xiaomi, and my resume is the same as all,” Xiaomi smiled gently, “I have never retired, and I have always been on the front line of the war, seven months older than a dog.”

Ai Qing was in a daze, even thinking that she had made a mistake.

“I am a slide,” the slide turned his back, watching Ai Qing interestingly. “I used to participate in the 2007 Asian Championships with Doggo. As the captain of the Chinese team, I won the first Asian Championship team championship. “

After he finished speaking, he thought about it, and added: “Although I have also retired, I am one year younger than a dog and not too old.”

Unexpected surprises are also pleasant surprises.

Ai Qing couldn’t believe it, she went to see olo frequently, but the latter was very indifferent, accepting her excited eyes with a smile.

The former team olo, actually here, in this resort in South Korea, gathered four people on the first night of the official start of the “Storm of the Secret Chamber” exhibition game…The all-night training that had been experienced together, the shady and injustice, the victory and the cheers Are all rushing.

Everything overlaps.

She was in a daze for a while, unable to distinguish between reality and memory.

Until… the last person said.

“Uh, my name is inin, Chinese and Korean mixed race,” the last little boy, carrying a backpack, a little confused, his eyes circled around the field, and finally locked on the only two people he knew-olo and Ai Qing. “I’m not from teamfighting and I’ve never retired. I just came into contact with E-port last year and focused on StarCraft 2. I was the champion of the WC Americas last year. Last year, the US server total points third. This year is not over, it is estimated… …You can get first in points.”

After he finished speaking, he felt that it seemed to be a rule to compare the age with “dogs”, and asked Ai Qing in a good temper: “Um…I don’t know dogs, I don’t know if I am older or younger than her…”

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