Chapter 9 Rich Waywardness

Li Yan’s smile was very warm, at first glance he was a standard warm man, but when Jing Yinuo saw his eyes, he felt unhappy.

Jing Yinuo knew Li Yan’s mind, and Li Yan was like a mouse thinking about cheese at this moment, thinking about how to eat cheese, but still smiling at the cheese.

Jing Yinuo was disgusted when he saw his appearance.

Li Yan said briskly: “Let’s come to you to discuss business affairs. What’s wrong?”

Jing Yinuo hated Li Yan, knowing how to pretend to be confused, and said clearly: “All the people who live here are decent people, although everyone I don’t have time to talk about other people’s right and wrong, but a man blocking my door always makes people wonder, at least I still have a fiance.”

Jing Yinuo and Ling Su have a public dispute, Jing Yinuo has nothing to do with Ling Su. Thought, but their marriage contract is still there. If someone sees Li Yan, the rumors will be heard in the Ling family’s ears, and Jing Yinuo’s family will not look good.

Li Yan didn’t care about this at all, and smiled: “Isn’t your fiance accompanying your Sister Wan?”

Jing Yinuo clenched his fist, “Young Master Li came to tell me about my fiance cheating? What if? That’s right, you can go now. I am very clear about the dirty things of the two of them. I don’t need to remind you.”

Jing Yinuo took a step back and closed the door.

Li Yan swiftly opened the door and entered Jing Yinuo’s house.

Jing Yinuo annoyed: “What the hell are you doing, I have nothing to say with you, go out quickly, or I will call the police.”

Facing Jing Yinuo’s warning, Li Yan finally corrected himself, “I have very important things. I want to talk to you.”

Li Yan is very handsome, especially when he laughs, is gentle and gentle, but Jing Yinuo knows that there is a deep heart hidden under his warm appearance, she doesn’t like to show Li Yan like this Dealing with different people.

Jing Yinuo pushed him out, “But I don’t want to talk to you.”

Li Yan grabbed Jing Yinuo’s hand, and around his long arm, Jing Yinuo was taken into Li Yan’s arms and hit his sturdy chest.

He was obviously frivolous about Jing Yinuo. Not only did he not mean frivolous, he was serious and cold, “If you want to do it by yourself, I will come to talk to you about this.”

Jing Yinuo was startled by the change of Li Yan.

This is his true face. All the ignorance and dubiousness are all pretended to deceive.

Jing Yinuo was taken aback, broke free from Li Yan’s arms, and did not drive him out.

Li Yan changed his shoes and entered the house, Manager Li followed respectfully with his briefcase behind him.

Jing Yinuo sat on the sofa with a cold face, and said solemnly: “Say what you have to say, and please leave when you finish.”

Li Yan was not angry with Jing Yinuo’s cold attitude, and did not see Jing Yinuo sitting in the other place. , Staring at Jing Yinuo’s eyes, “Presumably you already know, Li Xiang handed me Jiaran costumes. I will go to work in a week, and then I will be in charge of the company.

If you join Jiaran Clothing, I give you 40% of the shares. You can make whatever clothes you want. I don’t do too much interference.”

Jing Yinuo was taken aback and said in surprise: “You are not kidding me! “

Li Yan’s expression was sincere, “Do you think I’m joking?”

Jing Yinuo and Li Yan looked at each other, and only the self-confidence that he was determined to gain could be seen in his eyes.

Jing Yinuo was slightly lost.

Li Yan’s grandfather is the richest man in China, even if he throws a company to let Li Yan play, his handwriting will not be small.

Jiaran Apparel is a wholly-owned company founded by the old man of the Li family. The shares are all in his own hands. It has been established less than two years ago, and its reputation is temporarily not obvious, but its development momentum is very rapid.

If it were not for Jiaran’s internal problems, the original team would leave in a group, and the results would be better than now.

It was shocking that Li Yan took out 40% at once.

There is no doubt that Jing Yinuo was moved, very moved.

Before Jing Yinuo participated in the competition, I heard some rumors. I knew that Jia Ran’s main problem was the original president. Now that Li Yan is about to take over, he will definitely be different from before. Coupled with strong funds, it will definitely not be bad.

Going out on your own is very risky, and it is completely incomparable to joining Jiaran.

Jing Yinuo didn’t even ask about salary anymore, and directly nodded: “I can sign a contract within ten years.”

Li Yan haha smiled, and clapped his hands: “I know you will agree.”

Manager Li on the side was silent. Sweating.

Jia Ran’s assets have been transferred to Li Yan’s name. Although Li Yan has not formally taken up his post, everyone is the only one to look forward to. Li Yan held a meeting in advance and said that he would give Jing Yinuo 40% of the shares. Everyone thought him. I’m crazy, it’s useless to persuade me.

Alas, the rich are self-willed.

Manager Li handed the contract to Jing Yinuo with a sensible wink, and Jing Yinuo took it over and opened it. First, he looked at the year of the contract. It really was ten years.

She immediately smiled clearly.

Li Yan is not a fool. He knows that Jiaran will be used as a bait to catch her carp, and then he waits for the carp to jump over the dragon gate to make money for him, but Jing Yinuo will not lose money even if he signs the contract, not to mention the basic salary plus commission. As far as promise is concerned, there is no loss.

Li Yan stood up and smiled: “The contract is relatively long. I’ll come to you again in two days.”

Jing Yinuo finally showed a good face to Li Yan and agreed: “Okay.”

Jing Yinuo sent Li Yan and Manager Li Going out, take advantage of the free time to read the contract carefully. To be on the safe side, she called her father’s lawyer and asked him out to study the contract.

Li Yan didn’t care about money at all. Even if he threw Jia Ran away, he wouldn’t blink. He wouldn’t deceive Jing Yinuo, but Jing Yinuo was afraid of being cheated in his previous life.

The two people she trusted the most lied to her, causing her family to fall apart.

No matter how good Jing Yinuo is to a person on the surface, she will never trust others easily in her heart. She must minimize the risk.

Jing Yinuo and the lawyer carefully studied the contract together, and then he was relieved that there was no problem.

At seven o’clock in the morning on the third day, Jing Yinuo had just got up, before she had time to eat breakfast, the doorbell rang outside, and she glanced sharply.

Jing Yinuo opened the door and said strangely: “You are so early.” With a

stern smile, he handed her the gift that Jing Yinuo had brought to her. He pointed the watch dial with his finger and explained: “It’s not me early, but you It’s too late.”

Jing Yinuo lowered his head and smiled . In his previous life, the Li family had changed dramatically. Li Yan was the one who set off the bloody storm. He worked far more secretly than others, so how could he sleep in.

Jing Yinuo often rushes to design drawings, so he is used to going to bed late and getting up late.

Jing Yinuo didn’t talk nonsense, and said directly: “I can sign the contract at any time, but I have some details that I want to add to the contract.”

He nodded sharply. When talking about business, he did not feel a little frivolous, “You Said.”

Jing Yinuo mentioned what the lawyer said to her one by one.

Li Yan had no objection, “Yes, I will let them add it.”

Jing Yinuo hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, she found some food in the refrigerator, and talked to Li Yan about work matters while eating. Say everything in advance to save time to pit her.

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