Gold Designer Chapter 2

Li Yan is the grandson of the richest man in China, Mr. Li Jianshan, and the second young master of the Li family.

The man is 1.86 meters tall, with wide shoulders and thin waist, and has delicate eyebrows, especially those eyes that are more charming than women. They are dark, deep, and fascinating. You can’t forget it at a glance. His short black hair is clean and neat, he is wearing loose casual clothes, and the corners of his mouth are very frivolous.

How could Li Yan appear here?

In the previous life, Jing Yinuo saw Li Yan for the first time after she was framed. This competition was hosted by Jiaran Apparel, a clothing brand under the Li family, mainly to select suitable designers to work in the company. It’s a job fair in disguise.

Li Yan usually had nothing to do except raise dogs and cats to eat, drink and play, so he took a camera and came over to take pictures and inspected by the way. Later, Jing Yinuo was framed by Su Wan. At that time, Jing Yinuo couldn’t argue with each other. After everyone left the scene, Squatting on the ground crying.

Li Yan stayed to watch the excitement and did not leave. Seeing Jing Yinuo crying into tears, he handed her a veil and said jokingly: The intrigue between women is really terrible. Fortunately, I didn’t raise a woman.

Jing Yinuo was sad at the time, but he cried even more miserably when he heard the words of gloat.

Li Yan talked about the intrigue between women, and also prevented the organizer from hiring Su Wan as the champion. Now I think about it, this big man who can control everyone’s opinion has seen through everything tomorrow, and didn’t say it.

He stood by and watched Jing Yinuo being framed.

Thinking of the things in his previous life, Jing Yinuo gritted his teeth with anger, gave a stern look, and walked into the house.

Li Yan was stared inexplicably, touched his chin, chuckled, “This person is really strange.”

No. 3 contestant Yin Shunning is a strange-tempered person who cares very much about his work, although he is still only being advertised as a genius designer, and he has not There was too much trouble, but six years later, he was a pivotal figure in the fashion design industry.

If you have a good relationship with Yin Shunning, there will be many benefits in the future.

Jing Yinuo sighed while looking at Yin Shunning, who had a dark face on the sofa.

This is not his fault. As a fashion designer, Jing Yinuo can understand his pain very well. The work he has worked so hard to make, he clearly placed high hopes, but was easily stolen by others.

It is excusable for Yin Shuning to play Jing Yinuo in his previous life.

Jing Yinuo is not a person who has no distinction between grievances and grievances. The culprit is Su Wan, who has nothing to do with Yin Shuning. He is just an innocent person implicated in.

Jing Yinuo tried to comfort Yin Shunning, but the effect was not great.

Seeing that the taciturn Yin Shunning was about to get angry, Jing Yinuo could only say loudly: “Your work was stolen. As a costume designer, I can understand this feeling very well. Anyway, there are only three people in this competition, we and the organizer. Discuss, this competition is postponed. After the lost works are found, let’s change the theme and compare the game again. How about?”

Yin Shunning said coldly: “How could the organizer agree to postpone the competition…”

Jing Yinuo smiled. The sharp words staring at the theater.

Li Yan raised his eyebrows, “It’s okay to postpone the game, but…”

He didn’t say what was behind, there was a little joking in those transparent and deep eyes.

Jing Yinuo was annoyed by the sharp look in his eyes.

This look is again.

Don’t look at other people saying that they are not doing business properly, that rotten wood cannot be carved, and there is a good leather bag. Jing Yinuo has dealt with him several times, knowing that this man is as cunning as a fox.

He probably already knew what was going on.

This man was playing Yin Shunning and Jing Yinuo on purpose.

Jing Yinuo took a deep breath to calm his mind, and also looked at it with joking eyes, “Second Young Master already knew what was going on, why bother to tease us.”

After Jing Yinuo said this, he looked around the lounge, and found some clues in a painting on the wall.

Sure enough, a miniature camera was installed in Yin Shuning’s lounge, hidden in that painting. No wonder this guy knows everything.

Li Yan squinted his eyes to look at Jing Yinuo, and said nothing.

“Second Young Master?” Jing Yinuo smiled and called him again.

Li Yan deserves to be a well-known unlearned son, and has no interest in presiding fairness. “Although Jiaran Clothing is a company under the Li family, my relationship with Jiaran Clothing has turned around. , I can’t control that wide.”

If it’s someone else, it’s probably deceived by the brother in front of him, but Jing Yinuo wouldn’t. Jing Yinuo knew everything that happened in the next six years.

Li Yan is right. It seems to outsiders that Jiaran’s clothing and Li Yan’s relationship has turned a little bit, but Jing Yinuo knows clearly that Li Yan put down his fun and ran to watch the costume design competition, not just coming over Take a camera and have fun.

Li Yan’s cousin, Li Xiang, had given the Jiaran costume to Li Yan under the pretext of practicing Li Yan. Li Yan came here for fun, but it was not all serious.

At this time, Yin Shunning played a pivotal role in the wealthy circle, and the stern words of failure to do his work were probably based on the situation, and it would depend on the situation to decide how to make Yin Shuning owe him a favor.

Jing Yinuo two lives, of course, he can clearly see that Li Yan is a powerful character, and the slinger in the eyes of outsiders is just his disguise.

Jing Yinuo read through the harsh words, and was not annoyed by his actions.

Her red and seductive lips lightly approached his ears, and deliberately teased: “If outsiders knew about the painting…what would they think of Jiaran’s costumes, how would they tell Old Man Li, what would Yin Shunning do? Regarding the Second Young Master…Why should the Second Young Master do thankless things?”

Her voice was slow, her whispering voice was full of temptation, but her language was threatening.

Now that the old man of the Li family retreats behind the scenes, the young man Li Xiang is in charge. Li Yan’s wings are not yet full, and he is not an opponent of young and old at all. If Li Yan loses his favoritism, he will die very quickly.

Li Yan’s expression became visibly solemn. Although he was not afraid of this small threat, he could hear what Jing Yinuo said, “What do you know?”

Li Xiang said the day before that he would give Jiaran costumes to Li Yan. Even the people inside Jiaran’s costume didn’t know the news, but the woman in front of them seemed to have known something.

Jing Yinuo giggled and turned to go out enchantingly, “I know everything I should know.” After

leaving these words, Jing Yinuo left.

Jing Yinuo hurried to his lounge and glanced at his watch while he was free. It was already 8:40.

Her eyes were suddenly serious, and Su Wan estimated that she would be here soon.

At nine o’clock in the previous life, Su Wan rushed into Jing Yinuo’s lounge with Yin Shuning, and said that there was a problem with Jing Yinuo’s box. As a result, after the box was opened, five clothes designed by Yin Shuning were hidden inside.

Jing Yinuo had already finished Yin Shuning’s favorability rating, so just wait for Su Wan to come over.

At 9:15, Jing Yinuo’s door was pushed open, and a crowd of people was humming and squeezing in the door. Standing in the front was Li Yan. Behind him was the silent Yin Shunning, and Jing Yinuo would never Su Wan who will admit mistakes.

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