Hundreds of millions of double treasures


After meeting the Li family’s first and second child, Shi Qing deeply realized the meaning of a sentence-
people who should not be provoked must never be provoked.
Her peaceful life for the rest of her life was completely broken, and even if she ran away, she was blocked by them: Little Lolita beckoned to her softly and cutely: “Please come home with us!”

Xiaozheng poked her lips too cool. “You can only be bullied by me! Remember?!”
And their father directly put her on his shoulders and thrown her into bed –
“What do you want to do?” Shi Qing backed away in horror.
Li Beixun deceived himself: “We want to pet you together, what do you think?”
“…” As soon as she was about to continue resisting, she was shocked by his next sentence-
“Boy damn.”

She didn’t dare. Believe: “…When did I have such two children?”
He looked calm and continued to strip himself naked: “You can do dna. If fake, replace it.”

Hundreds of millions of double treasures: Mommy, love it!
Associated Names: Mommy, Don’t Let Yourself Be Tied, 亿万双宝:妈咪,束手就情!
Nan Xiaoya
Genres: romance
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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