Dream a little dream


An incident that came like a midsummer typhoon to a woman who was living a difficult and difficult life without hope ,

And I finally learned the secret of fate .

Seojin , a woman who has lived with all kinds of bad luck since birth .

A conglomerate in a coma works as a personal caregiver, taking care of his daughter Seong Ye-ji .

It was always unfortunate, but the day when suffering and unhappiness reached its peak ,

I wake up with Sung Yeji’s body, not Park Seo-jin .

β€œ Just … I think I’ve become a completely different person . I don’t remember how I used to be , and everything is strange .”

It’s a confusing reality that everything has changed and I can’t even find my name

The rich life given all things and the graceful daily life given like a gift is like a dream .

And Sihun , a man who has been in unrequited love since long before he could even remember .

β€œ Yeji seems to have somehow changed the atmosphere .”

β€œ I lie down too long … Yet , that , it’s completely … … .”

β€œ … It didn’t mean bad .”

Seojin, who became his fiancee with the body of Seong Yeji, decides to make this dream mine .

Yeah , I may have visited such a sweet and happy feelings , it felt qualified view .

If it’s a dream that I can’t escape from, I’ll try to enjoy it to my heart’s content .

Living as a half-sized Seongyeji, she got even Sihun’s sincere heart

You realize the amazing secret of that dreamlike world .

He lifted my hand on my chest and kissed the fourth finger .

” As is already determined , I wanted to come speak directly . Mr. Wisdom , will you marry me share ? “

An unbelievable event that came to me like a miracle one day . It was a sunny spring day by day all together blowing petals scattered him , I was sure . This moment is my hwayang softening .

I didn’t know where I would open my eyes again tomorrow , but I wanted to convey it to him with all my sincerity now .

β€œ Good .”

He exhaled a trembling breath, hugged me tightly and buried his lips in his hair . The happiness that filled him was completely felt . And I was also happy that much .

Dream a little dream
Associated Names: λ“œλ¦Ό μ–΄ 리틀 λ“œλ¦Ό
Fall in love
Genres: romance
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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