It’s been a while, sister


A man whose love is everything. Hyunwoo did not believe that he was in love at first sight. Before meeting my friend’s sister, Sunmin… … .

“Dirty baby… … .”

The first dream I had while thinking of Sunmin. From that day on, all nights were with Sunmin. A woman who couldn’t believe in love. Love scattered by a momentary breakup notification. I decided not to believe in things like love that are invisible.

“It’s been a while, sister.”

On a dark night, the two reunited as if by chance. The heat is different than before. Hyunwoo’s long fingers ravaged the skin of the Chosun Min Sunmin can’t hide his excitement from the strange heat… … .

“Hah, don’t do it. I feel weird.”

“From now on, I will do a lot of strange things.”

Like a prey caught in a moist and sticky web I was trapped by him, sloppy.

It’s been a while, sister
Associated Names: 오랜만이네요, 누나
Warm summer
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.10.21
Status: N/A

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