Repair: to snatch


One day, an eagle with broken wings fell to the ground.
Eunje saves a young eagle who has lost her memory,
The eagle asserts himself as a servant of silver, saying that he will repay the grace he saved.

He received the name’Suri’ from Eunje, and since the day he first saw him,
He can’t reveal himself to him, who thinks himself like a real friend.
Even more because Eun-je has a fiance who has been appointed by the family.

Then one day, Suri hears a shocking story. … .

Even if it is a shadow, I hoped that I could be with Eunje as it is now.
But now there is nowhere to go back to Suri.

Repair (琇漓): to snatch
Associated Names: 수리(琇漓) : 낚아채다
Genres: BL, romance
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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