35-nim Jeon Sang-seo


“The girl you supported in my grandmother’s lifetime , you should take care of it .”

“ Is it me? Why ?” A person who has been sponsored by a grandmother who has passed away for over 20 years .

“ Is it the first time Professor Dong-joo Yoon ?”

“ I told you not to be caught .”

A person who has just been in attendance under a different name .

“ Is it interested in staring at a man’s face ?” The person who keeps crossing the boundary line , Han Seo-ju . That was all you . The coincidence that continued to overlap was the inevitable prelude , Now Dong-ju started to greedy her .

“ I’m going to do a good job with Seo-joo Han .”

My heart tattered by an unexpected attack . A man who makes his heart unarmed.It goes into my heart recklessly .

“From now on, Hanseoju is my monopoly .” With a man who tells me I’m not alone when I feel alone When I’m worried that I’m in a hurry Mutual Boeun Romance , 35 Nim Sang-Seo Jeon .

35-nim Jeon Sang-seo
Associated Names: 35님 전상서
Jaehyun Ryu
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.11.04
Status: N/A

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