13 year old winter night. Jinhyuk met Zeon, who was standing in the middle of the national highway with his bloody mother.

He was in terror while covering up the pouring snow. People talk about it carelessly . Jinhyuk sympathizes with Zeon without will . Zeon, too, is a lie if you have never thought about it .

‘Do I look so sorry?’

Jinhyuk does not comfort or appease her . I have no heart or reason for that. Rather, he talks while looking at Zeon with his cold eyes . ‘I just do it because I like you crazy . Get even, I get not even the more I want.”

If the person who loves more is the weak , it is Jinhyuk himself who deserves sympathy . For Jinhyuk, she is by no means a poor woman . A perfect woman who promises eternal love , who desires pleasures that are even dangerous .

Associated Names: 투베로즈 (Tuberose)
Mr. Bokhee
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.11.30
Status: N/A

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